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Goals and such:
Starting Weight: 187
Current Weight: 190 :(

Hi! So here's a little bit of my story. Every summer I go on trying to lose weight, but by the time school starts I stop. So, for this year, I'm trying my hardest to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle even through school. My goal is not very much of a weight as it is to a point where I am comfortable with my body. I want to be able to wear clothes I can't necessarily pull off when I am 180-something pounds. I will follow you back if you ask. And please ask questions!! I am NOT a health expert but I have some pretty good advice. :) Let's be friends! :)

i need to workout more. ugh. my stupid mom doesn’t like going to the gym, so how do you suppose i workout? wiifit? 

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bad day much

I did the 10 minute run on wiifit and kickboxing yesterday and holy crap my arm is killing me … Then this morning i did another 10 minute run and swam a bit and i feel sooo sick (allergies) and ate badly because i was too lazy to make food ….. hmmm tomorrow is a new day

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My idea of my ‘perfect body’ has changed so much since I got Tumblr.


yup, mine went from this

to this

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